Final project inspiration

secret messages canvas / secret code



Inspired by a secret message  “n 55!w ! ”

which is actually ” I miss you ”

you type in real messages/questions? and show up in a random language/letter order/emoji on a huge canvas

use phone? a typewriter? ink?

background voice reading these messages randomly – voice output?


letters to yourself in 10 years?





Synthesis – ICM + PCOMP


Chester and I worked together on synthesis last week. We decided to create something based on one of my previous sketches while make it a bit more “supernova style” by adding a bumping core. To connect it with arduino,I tried the combination of photocell + p5js and Chester made a version of FSR + p5js. I’m totally fascinated by how interesting interaction can be like between arduino and p5.It definitely gives me more possibilities and inspirations on upcoming works.

Here’s a higher resolution version of our sketches controlling by arduino-