Reading – Einstein’s Dreams

The dreams Einstein dreamt are such beautiful hypotheses on time, in which I didn’t see physics or theory of relativity, I saw ourselves. When I travelled through different worlds of time with Einstein, the people I encountered were ourselves – there were people who didn’t want to say goodbye, people who were afraid of death, people who were exiled by time, people who came from the past.


“14 APRIL 1905

Suppose time is a circle, bending back on itself. The world repeats itself, precisely, endlessly.”

What happened would happen again, what were doomed to be happened would never be avoided. The world is a stage on which the play is iterating over and over again. We are the tireless robotic actors, saying our lines without mistakes. How would people live if they were told their future was doomed and repeated? In Einstein’s dream, people live in this time circle without notice, which might be a fortune.

“16 APRIL 1905

In this world, time is like a flow of water, occasionally displaced by a bit of debris, a passing breeze. Now and then, some cosmic disturbance will cause a rivulet of time to turn away from the mainstream, to make connection backstream. When this happens, birds, soil, people caught in the branching tributary find themselves suddenly carried to the past.”

In Einstein’s dream, the people being carried back to the past are like the exiles of time. They showed reverence to time and lived like a ghost, tried hard not to disturb anything in the past. If we could travel back to past I wonder how many of us could be that cautious and thoughtful since we are only human. Human who live with regrets and desires.


19 APRIL 1905

These three chains of events all indeed happen, simultaneously. For in this world, time has three dimensions, like space. Just as an object may move in three perpendicular directions, corresponding to horizontal, vertical, and longitudinal, so an object may participate in three perpendicular futures. Each future moves in a different direction of time. Each future is real.”

Life is made up of choices. If time could have three dimensions or more, nothing would be impossible. The hypothesis of parallel universe is so popular among storytellers because we never really fully satisfy with our choices. What if? What if not? How brave we could be if we were told that in another dimension of time, we could have made thousands of  totally different choices.

26 APRIL 1905

In this world, it is instantly obvious that something is odd. No houses can be seen in the valleys or plains. Everyone lives in the mountains. At some time in the past, scientists discovered that time flows more slowly the farther from the center of earth. The effect is minuscule, but it can be measured with extremely sensitive instruments. Once the phenomenon was known, a few people, anxious to stay young, moved to the mountains. Now all houses are built on Dom, the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, and other high ground. It is impossible to sell living quarters elsewhere.”

Let all beautiful things last forever. In his dream on May 14, he dreamt of a center of the world where time is still.

“And at the place where time stands still, one sees lovers kissing in the shadows of buildings, in a frozen embrace that will never let go. The loved one will never take his arms from where they are now, will never give back the bracelet of memories, will never journey far from his lover, will never place himself in danger in self-sacrifice, will never fail to show his love, will never become jealous, will never fall in love with someone else, will never lose the passion of this instant in time.”


3 MAY 1905      

Consider a world in which cause and effect are erratic. Sometimes the first precedes the second, sometimes the second the first. Or perhaps cause lies forever in the past while effect in the future, but future and past are entwined.

It is a world in which every word spoken speaks just to that moment, every glance given has only one meaning, each touch has no past or no future, each kiss is a kiss of immediacy. “

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