sense me move me week 8

This week’s class we grouped up as 4 and played around each other’s body architecture and texture.

For Body Re-Architecture

Architecture 1

Yuhan used various connections between joints to re-create our body architecture.

The first play she showed us not only the structure but also the depth map in which we could see our actual body. Yuqiao and I both felt that it would work better when got rid of the depth map. So for the second try Yuhan removed depth map and we just got the feedback of lines connected by joints. We enjoyed stretching between hand joints. The iteration of stretching joints felt like clapping hands, and I thought it would be fun if clapping sounds were added to it. During the interaction, I pretty enjoyed the contortion of changing the triangle shape by moving the joints on head and feet.

Architecture 2

Yuqiao’s body architecture lowered down the center of gravity to compose a geometry shape. I tended to pause my movement at a certain point to create a spectacular shape. Her architecture design mainly relied on proximal joints rather that stretching out points. I could feel my body was constrained by her design. The funnies part was to create a regular geometry shape by doing difficult contortions. It was even harder to see clearly what shape you have created though.

Architecture 3

I used joints to create curved shapes with a 50% opacity.

The feedbacks I got from my group members included that they enjoyed playing more with the overlapped part of the shapes. Instead of the two shapes I designed for them to play with, pretty much of their attentions would be drew to the overlapped part which was out of my expectation. Also, they did a lot of twists and turns to change the shape scale. They did not feel constrained as there’s no outline for the shape, so they tended to stretch out their bodies to create bigger shapes. The Contortion was that they stretched out their arms to create more space between two shapes.

For Body Texture

Texture 1


I wanted to create a bubbly body texture in use of overlapping ellipse added with an alpha. The design intention was to see how would user react with it when the texture became something gentler and softer then human body. What’s more, I designed a hidden hole in the center of the body – as long as you assemble all your body part to the center, you would be “eaten” by the black hole.

The feedbacks I got included:

  1. Yuhan found the black hole thing immediately while Yuqiao didn’t even notice it
  2. They both intentionally tried very slow or fast movements to see how would speed influenced the sketch (which I haven’t thought about yet)

Texture 2

Yuhan created a fluffy pompom which is visually cute and inviting. The first thing popped into my mind was to jump with it as if it was alive. I could watch a pompom jumping for a whole day. Moreover,  because of its fluffy substance, it made me wanna swing to see how all its hair would move along the wind.


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