The “aquarium”

For Intro to Fab’s enclosure assignment, I did an “aquarium” box made of clear acrylic.

The size of the box is pretty big – 30x12x18, which needs 2 sheets of 32×18 acrylic and 2 sheets of 36×24. I drew the draft and got most of the pieces cut directly at Canal Plastic as they got a huge laser cutter.




The biggest challenge of making this box was to keep the edges perfectly matching and got every side stand vertically. To achieve this I actually watched an online tutorial and started from glueing the first front sheet, which was supported by two big clamps and a 90 degree ruler, to the bottom sheet.



And then the side sheet:



Glueing the first two sheets took most time of my work, things got a bit easier after having these two standing steadily.

After getting four sides sheets glued, I made a lid that could be taken out and fit in easily.



The final product showed below: